Mary & Bright

Maple Falls – Book 3 (Novel)


Released: December 21, 2017

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As a young child, Mary Bradford dreamed of walking down the aisle wearing the most beautiful wedding dress she could imagine and marrying that someone special. Even now as an adult, not much has changed about that dream. She’d get married, raise a family with her husband, all while living in her hometown of Maple Falls. However, when her boyfriend, Alex Dawson, accepts the job offer of a lifetime, Mary sacrifices her lifelong dream and follows Alex halfway across country for his job. While his career was taking off, she struggles to find work for herself. As Mary prepares to fly home for her little sister’s wedding, she’s forced to see the reality of the life she chose – no job, no social life, and not even an engagement ring on her finger.

When Will Roberts abruptly finds himself unattached again, he decides to take another look at the direction he’s taking in his life. A possible new career opportunity that was offered to him may just be what he needs. As a local delivery man for the area businesses in Maple Falls, he often hears of the town’s latest gossip, so the news of an old crush of his coming home for the holidays sparked the embers of a relationship of years gone by. Things get complicated, and suddenly, he’s faced with some pretty difficult decisions – more than he can handle.

When Mary and Will’s paths ultimately cross, the feelings they once had for each other are suddenly resurrected. Even though fate seems to have brought the two together again, they are faced with several obstacles from their past and present that make it all but impossible to reignite the spark of that relationship.

Falling For You

Maple Falls – Book 2 (Novella)


Released: October 24, 2017

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          Ali Bradford has waited her entire life to turn thirty to see what all the hype was about. Waking up the morning of her thirtieth birthday to a note on her boyfriend’s pillow and him nowhere to be found, it wasn’t exactly what she was expecting.

After a few twists and turns that lead her around Maple Falls, she follows a series of clues in hopes of finding Zach. Will she finally get the ending she had hoped for, or will it be more?


Bake My Day

Maple Falls – Book 1 (Novel)


Released: Nov. 10, 2016

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Cora Westerling thought she finally found the one. But as her relationship slowly starts to change, she is forced to make a tough decision. Giving her two week notice at her job, she packs up her life into her tiny car and decides it is finally time to live the life she has always dreamed of living. As a true believer of signs, she follows them along the way until she stumbles upon the small town of Maple Falls. Could this town hold everything she has been longing for?

Bradley Harper is a local police officer in the town of Maple Falls. After losing his wife, he was forced to raise their young daughter Lily all on his own. Working long hours and relying on his parents help, the last thing he has time for is a relationship. Could a new girl in town change all of that?

When the two of them meet on her first night in town, there is something about him she cannot stop thinking about. As their paths continue to cross and the love for his daughter grows in her heart, it seems like fate may have more in store for them than they both realize.